The first foal of American Pharoah has been born!!



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    The first foal of American Pharoah has been born!!
    On January 3rd at 12:30am a bay colt out of maiden-mare Kakadu was born at Brookdale Farm
    Many many more Pharoah foals to come, looking forward to it!
    pc: Brookdale Farm (FB)
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Galileo Closing In On His Own Remarkable Sire


By Chris McGrath

In his own lifetime, the ground-breaking scientific endeavours of the original Galileo sufficed only to have him condemned as a heretic. In the case of his equine namesake, in contrast, the danger is that his contemporaries take his greatness for granted. In any walk of life, never mind the unpredictable world of breeding and racing, it is only seldom that we can be so confident that posterity will share our regard for one still in our midst. On the day that Galileo formally turns 19, then, it is worth taking a step back to remind ourselves that we are witnessing the pomp of a stallion who will define an epoch. Because while his name is assured of immortality on the Turf, the horse of flesh and blood will not be around forever.