We have been bringing Lexy to @theirishbluecross because of her epilepsy….#vetnurse…

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“We have been bringing Lexy to The Irish Blue Cross ever since she was a little pup. She needs extra care because of her epilepsy. Lexy is a very adventurous and energetic dog. She loves to explore new places and she spends hours in the back garden chasing her ball. She enjoys sitting on the windowsill watching the cars go by – and has been known to bark at the postman! We always leave The Irish Blue Cross with big smiles on our faces, knowing that our dog was looked after by the best.” Raluca, Lexy’s owner. To support our work, and see more patients like Lexy, pick up our with the link in our bio. #pets #dogs #charity #charitycalendar #animalwelfare #christmas


Lucky ingested some paracetemol but thanks to our amazing team @theirishbluecross #vetnurse

This is Lucky. Lucky was, ehm, lucky that our amazing team were there for them when they ingested some paracetamol! Paracetamol can be extremely dangerous and life threatening to dogs if they get too much, causing liver damage.
Lucky ate a whole 500mg paracetamol tablet – this would be 10 times the maximum safe dose for Lucky. Thankfully we were able to help Lucky through their ordeal. Pet advice can be found on our website on Bluecross.ie #pets #animalwelfare #dogs #vets #vetnurse #lucky